Popular Things to Not Miss Out doing in Kansas City (Missouri)

On the western edge of Missouri lies Kansas City. You can see a lot in the city as it is the most beautiful city in the USA.

Having the best barbeques, jazz music, and this place must be on your visiting list. With more than 200 fountains, Kansas City has a lot to offer to the tourist destination.

The beautiful sights, world-class museum, and adventurous museum parks offer the charm which will easily keep you captive. Here are some of the things which you shouldn’t miss doing in Kansas City.

Don’t miss on visiting National World War 1 Museum

It is one of the famous museums which are popular all over the city. The modern building of the museum has a glass walkway with red poppies. These red poppies are the combat’s reminder in the First World War Trenches.

This museum has a cabinet that is full of uniforms and weapons. You can find some panoramic views of Kansas City in this museum.

Visit the World of Fun for thrills

Built-in a whopping area of 235 acres, this place offers rides for each age. Different rides are absolutely lovable and should be taken by the people according to the ages. The rides here include the legendary Mamba rollercoaster, which is worth a ride.

Go to the Kansas City Zoo

In the year 1909, the Kansas City Zoo was opened and attracted people from all regions and generations. It is known to cover around 200 acres and is famous for the Tiger Trail exhibits. Also, there are cute koala bears. This zoo requires a lot of you walking to have the perfect and best view.

Go shopping at the Country Club Plaza

The Country Club Plaza is the shopping destination which you should not afford to miss. The beautiful destination has a lovely Spanish architecture, which perfectly complements the place. Since the 1920s, this place has been used for commercial purposes. You can take up different walking tour brochures, which will allow you to see the tourist sights and offer you detailed information about the famous sights.

Visit the funky American Jazz Museum

The American Jazz Museum is an attractive place where you can get to know about jazz music’s history in the area. You can learn about the several styles, musicians that once lived in Kansas City, and the popular instruments. The museum speaks for itself and has a lot to offer if you are a big jazz fan.

Those mentioned above are some of the things that you should not forget to do in Kansas City. Missing these things on your trip will definitely make you regret not doing amazing things when visiting this striking place.

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