Top Places to Visit in Perth to have an Unforgettable Trip

Often ignored by travelers, Perth has a lot to offer to the tourist. Situated in the remote location, this natural beauty is where you should be going to on your vacation. A striking setting spanning the Swan River along with beautiful outdoor adventures to go on is what defines the city.

There are different things that you can do in this city, such as swimming, fishing, and even sailing. The beauty of Kings Park can’t be overlooked by anyone. Getting into this place is like getting into heaven and coming a step closer to it.

Perth is one of the best places to live in Pertcsimilar to Melbourne. With a refreshing and relaxing vibe, Perth is your place to be if you want a getaway in the historic yet modern place. Here are some of the top places that you should visit in a beautiful city.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Providing the striking looks of Darling Range as well as Swan River, Botanic Garden is a peaceful place. It is almost covered with a natural bush with several native birds and plants. Contributing to the conversation, you can see the beautiful botanic garden spotlights which come from the Western part of Australia and other such places.

It is a beautiful place which looks stunning and is a haven for the people who are in love with nature.


One thing not to forget about this beautiful place is the beaches. With several kinds of beaches in Perth, Cottesloe is one of the worth visiting beaches. It is popular not only because of the clean, sparkling water but also the cafe culture.

Port Beach is one of your options that can be added to your trip. And if you are looking for some for the kids, then, City Beach is the most popular option for you.

Perth Zoo

Located about three kilometers away from the city center, Perth Zoo is a getaway for the animal lovers from 1898. If you want to experience Australia’s unique wildlife, then, Perth Zoo is the one here.

You can find different animals from kangaroos to koalas, wombats, and even wallabies. There are several other amazing things that you can do in the beautiful Perth Zoo. You can also access the zoo by taking the car, bike, or even train rides. Also, take a ferry from a Barrack Street jetty to have some amazing and fun-filled times.

Swan River

This place is definitely worth the hype. Amongst the beautiful and striking places, the Swan River is one of the must-visit in Perth. It is an outdoor fun place that even the locals don’t miss. Go on picnics on the parks present on the riverside, and do other amazing things around the Swan River.

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