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Here are some of the terms and conditions that you have to abide by. When you take the use of our website, you agree to follow these things. If you aren’t comfortable with our terms and conditions, don’t continue to use the websites any further.

Here is the information regarding our cookies, license and other things which are discussed.


We use cookies, and we make sure that you agree with it. You can find the best information on the privacy policy. Our cookies are for our usage, and we don’t mean to collect any personal information of yours. It is only collected so that we can have the right information about the website and enhance it.

We make sure to check the functionality of certain fields and check it from time to time. We never condemn selling any of the personal information about our customers but only providing you with the best experience.


Till we don’t state it in on our website, we have all the writings provided to our customer. For some extent, you can actually use it for your personal use, but, the below mentioned things aren’t allowed.
You can’t republish the content which is written on our website.

  • No renting/selling/sublicensing is allowed in any form.
  • No sharing of the content on another platform.
  • No copying of any of the material is allowed.
  • Government Agencies
  • News Agencies
  • Search Engines
Liability of the Content

We are not responsible for the comments posted by the clients. We never intend to edit, review the comments present on our website.

We take zero responsibility for the comment which is shared by anyone on the website. Also, the customer reviews on our website are solely here by the third party and we take zero responsibility for the information shared by you.

Right Reservation

We reserve all the rights with us for any linking which takes the user to our website. It would be kind if you get it removed whenever requested by us.

We can change the terms and conditions as and when required by us. If you want some linking on your website, you should agree to our terms and conditions.


Till the information and services on our website are free of cost, we don’t have the liability of the damage that happens to you through us.

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